Projects publications

Publications for Industry

 Soil health newsletter 416 kb
 Benefits of Brassica green manures flyer 1.02 Mb
 Broccoli headrot poster 641 kb
 Carrot disorders flyer 727 kb
 Control of downy mildew in peas 698 kb
 Biofumigation update 301 kb
 Nubark for potato seed treatment 96 kb
 Oxadiargyl poster 156 kb
 Fungicide options for onion white rot control 442 kb
 Rhizoctonia solani in cropping soils and vegetable crops 423 kb
 Biofumigation update no. 16 301 kb
 Biofumigation update no. 18 321 kb
 Successful use of biofumigation for soilborne disease control 67 kb

Conference Papers and Presentations

 BCPC Bion presentation 625 kb
 Plant pathology conference paper – common scab in potatoes 119 kb
 Plant pathology conference paper – crown rot disease in carrots 84 kb
 Plant pathology conference paper – Sclerotinia in beans 133 kb
 Plant pathology conference paper – white root rot in onions 125 kb
 Soil borne disease symposium – brassica green manures for soil improvement 185 kb
 Soil borne disease symposium – soil factors associated with carrot production 123 kb
 Soil borne disease symposium – soil factors associated with potato common scab 93 kb
 2004 Environmentally friendly crop protectants – Abstract 24 kb
 Information highlights from World Potato Congress 26 kb
 Evaluating new herbicides for capsicums and chillies 92 kb
 Evaluating new herbicides for lettuce 75 kb
 Developing herbicide strategies 23 kb
 Management of blackberry nightshade in processing tomatoes 14 kb
 Weed management in brassicas 12 kb
 Potatoes 2000 paper – common scab on seed potatoes 186 kb
 Peracto flyer 460 kb
 Peracto poster 1.91 Mb

Selected Project Reports

 Project update – management of downy mildew in peas 104 kb
 Evaluating chitosan for plant defence 2.05 Mb
 Soil herbicide interactions 1.61 Mb

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