Technical service

Staphyt Australasia offers a contract Technical Service for the agro-chemical industry. Traditionally, agro-chemical suppliers had in-house resources to help with technical issues, but increasingly companies are downsizing and outsourcing this service. The Technical Service Team at Staphyt Australasia comprises members with a total of over 200 years of experience in agricultural research, product development and technical service. Some of the services provided include product performance investigation, registered label support, product demonstration sites, staff or customer training and preparation of printed and electronic presentations.

Staphyt Australasia takes great pride in its reputation as a truly independent research and development organisation and will remain uncompromising in this area. As with our research activities, confidentiality and true independence are essential, so the Technical Service Team does not recommend or endorse a particular product. For clients who wish to use the registered label support, the Team can determine if the intended use is in accordance with the company’s registered label and then assist in the interpretation of the label if required. The Service will not be advising, recommending or endorsing a particular product to use – the Technical Service Team will in effect offer an ‘after sales’ support for the client.

Members of the Technical Service Team are located throughout Australia and New Zealand and cover a broad geographical area. Their technical experience also spans a range of cropping situations including broadacre, horticulture, viticulture and turf grass crops, making them ideal people to assist chemical suppliers with an independent evaluation of product performance issues and complaints. Specialist skills can also be utilised for in-house training of staff or customers and in preparing brochures or presentations.
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