Our services

  • Practical, applied field research that meets the knowledge needs of commercial growers and agribusiness.
  • Agricultural field research across major cropping regions. We have research teams operating in all Australian states, and the networks to undertake trials in most horticultural crops – from apples to avocados.
  • Product development expertise for agricultural inputs (fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, biological controls, plant growth regulators, fertilisers, soil amendments).
  • Quality assurance for field residue trials (GLP accredited).
  • Plant pathology expertise in paddock surveys, paddock trials, pot trials and laboratory diagnostics.
  • Product registration trials for submissions.
  • Co-operative research work with key agricultural industries to identify and resolve commercial production issues.

Counter season trials

Staphyt is able to conduct out-of-season trials for Northern Hemisphere clients. Clients can achieve two season’s trials in the one calendar year by establishing trials in the Southern Hemisphere, thus completing registration submissions sooner.

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